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Adjustable ESD Worktable With Accessories


Product Description

1. The standard thickness of table top is 25mm, and the thickness of antistatic coat is 2mm

2. Adjustable height range is 695-1145mm

3. Optional table top colours are: Grey surface yellow edge( showed in the photo), grey surface grey edge, green surface grey edge.

4. Accessories showed in the photo are as below:

A: Basic ESD workbench 1500*750mm

B: Upright tubular frame M750*1610mm

C: Light/Balance rail M750

D: Grille light 2*36W

E: Grey ESD back panel M750*400

F: 3 PCS of steel shelves and strong brackets M750*300

G: Dividers 300

H: Electric rail M750

I: Double arm holder of LCD

J: Two drawers unit, 372× 486× 346

4. Warranty: Steel parts 3 years, others 1 year

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More information on  ESD Workbench  http://www.esdpousto.com/esd/esd-workbench/

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