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Classification of fume hood


Steel fume hoods: fume hood body made of steel for non-preferred strong acid strong alkali such laboratories, fireproofing and dampproofing, elegant, cost-effective.

Woody fume hoods: fume hood made of wood, labs now use less, not fire.

Stainless steel fume hoods: fume hood body made of stainless steel, 304, 306, or made of 306L material, acid resistant, alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, resistant to high temperatures, preferred by the laboratory of strong acid strong alkali, the price is relatively high.

PP fume hoods: fume hood made of PP, PP material has excellent acid resistance, compared with the all-steel fume hoods, excellent acid and alkali resistant properties in strong acid and alkali experiments PP fume hoods are mainly used in high-strength acid-base experiment, clean room and other high-end places.

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