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Laboratory Furniture

    • Steel Laboratory Bench
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      Steel Laboratory Bench

      After filling bed CNC precision CNC punching, CNC bending imports, gas welding, polishing and other processing molding, then after seven acid phosphate treatment processes, chemical rust treatment, acid corrosion, The surface temperature after epoxy resin powder, bearing...Read More
    • Laboratory Bench
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      Laboratory Bench

      Compact design, a combination of diversity, individuality and practicality of combining scientific laboratory furniture is the ideal hardware laboratory, experimental BestBath company provides flexible and secure both steel and wood-based products. To keep up with laboratory...Read More
    • Wooden Laboratory Bench
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      Wooden Laboratory Bench

      Table: The laboratory dedicated corrosion-resistant countertops, antibacterial, easy to clean, the operating margin of the top front by smooth handling. Beautiful and smooth not to hurt the hand (see table Material concrete countertop material description and test report)....Read More
    • Ventilation System
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      Ventilation System

      Inside Lining: many thickness can be choose anti bate board; Table Top: Laboratory dedicated solid physiochemical board other mesa (optional); Window: many thickness can be choose oughened glass, can move up and down or move around (optional other ways to move); Lighting:...Read More
    • Preservation Hood
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      Preservation Hood

      Full height display case with integral light hood. The preservation hood can be fitted with fully adjustable shelving and can be fitted with a range of lighting options including fibre optics. A silica gel facility can be incorporated within the lower case frameworkRead More
    • Floor Type Cabinet Hood
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      Floor Type Cabinet Hood

      Laboratory fume hood is most commonly used as a local ventilation equipment, a wide range, because of their different structures, different conditions, the exhaust effect is not the same. Good ring fume hood performance, depending on the speed of movement of air through the...Read More
    • Ventilation Control System
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      Ventilation Control System

      A power different ventilation systems can be divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation, mechanical ventilation can be divided into general ventilation and local ventilation, General ventilation refers to a way of integral ventilation in the room, local...Read More
    • Gas System
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      Gas System

      In modern laboratories, in order to complete the experiment, the need to use a variety of analytical instruments, such as gas chromatography, atomic absorption spectrometry, gas chromatography - mass spectrometry, ICP, etc., where these instruments need to use high-purity...Read More
    • Laboratory Cupboard
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      Laboratory Cupboard

      It is mainly used for the experimental equipment placement, usually placed in glass containers. Steel fabrication, gentle line, strong structure , flexible combination, easy maintenance, installation and transportation with elegant outlook.Read More
    • Laboratory Safety Cabinet
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      Laboratory Safety Cabinet

      A wide range of product family use unique design to improve the safety of your workplace and make your work more simple and efficient.Read More
    • Steel Cylinder Cabinet
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      Steel Cylinder Cabinet

      During experiments, the use of different types of gases, such as methane, acetylene, gas, hydrogen, oxygen, inert gas, etc, requires gas cabinets for reserve.Read More
    • Test Tube
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      Test Tube

      Laboratory instruments, is a natural science experiments used a specific instrument, mainly in physics, chemistry, biology instrumentation more (including chemical instruments).Read More
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Lab Furniture
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