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One cabinet Heavy duty Workstation

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    • Stainless Steel Heavy-duty Workbench
      Contact NowStainless Steel Heavy-duty WorkbenchThe Recommended Configuration Workbenches 1530×800×880Read More
    • Heavy-duty ESD Storge
      Contact NowHeavy-duty ESD StorgeHeavy duty storage From general pallet racking through to materials handling packaging needs Shelving Super Pousto 1200 or Metal system shelving Heavy Duty Extra Heavy Duty storage or shelving provide the support you need when building your Super-Heavy Duty shelving Depth have many optionsRead More
    • ESD Tool Cabinet
      Contact NowESD Tool Cabinet• ESD Cabinet with shelving • Colour: Pousto Grey • Many dimensions are available • Welcome custommizeRead More
    • Heavy-duty Trolley
      Contact NowHeavy-duty TrolleyCabinet body size mm: 564x573x700, tools, vehicles monocoque 350KG, drawer carrying capacity: 200KG, 100% open, double rail drawer, the drawer optional spacer plate for drawer separated into a number of space, can be stored in different partsRead More
    • Laboratory Safety Cabinet
      Contact NowLaboratory Safety CabinetA wide range of product family use unique design to improve the safety of your workplace and make your work more simple and efficient.Read More
    • Steel Cylinder Cabinet
      Contact NowSteel Cylinder CabinetDuring experiments, the use of different types of gases, such as methane, acetylene, gas, hydrogen, oxygen, inert gas, etc, requires gas cabinets for reserve.Read More
    • Moisture-proof Cabinet
      Contact NowMoisture-proof CabinetTechnical features: 1.LED display panels, Honeywell humidity sensor with error of ±3%RH; 2.High grade 1mm and 1.2mm cold rolled plate, reinforced structure design,high intensity bearing, every shelf can bear over 60kg; 3.3.2mm toughened glass. 4.Zinc alloy lock with air tightness; 5.ROHS...Read More
    • Steel Heavy-duty Workbench
      Contact NowSteel Heavy-duty WorkbenchHF-duty Workbench Frame with Single Cabinet H Series 1500×750 Steel Worksurface with coated zinc steel 1.5mm 1530×750×50 Upright module 2M750×996 Standard light/balancer rail 2M750 2014 styles Raster structure light 2×36W (840 white cold colour) Back Panel with punching holes M750×390 ESD (grey)...Read More
    • Heavy-duty Cabinet
      Contact NowHeavy-duty CabinetIn order to overcome the problem of electrostatic discharge, the use of the Drawer ESD Cabinets is a must for the industries particularly those ones in which the working is related to the field of electronics. Along with the exclusive design and full protection competence from the electrostatic...Read More
    • Floor Type Cabinet Hood
      Contact NowFloor Type Cabinet HoodLaboratory fume hood is most commonly used as a local ventilation equipment, a wide range, because of their different structures, different conditions, the exhaust effect is not the same. Good ring fume hood performance, depending on the speed of movement of air through the fume hood. Fume hood...Read More
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