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Steel Lab Table

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    • Steel Trolley
      Contact NowSteel TrolleyThe Multi ESD Trolley collection given below is ergonomic designed that caters you huge options as well as reducing the risk of injuries. The chief purpose of the Multi trolley is to deliver you an ergonomic mobile workstation in order to give you as much functionality as you may demand. The...Read More
    • Stainless Steel Heavy-duty Workbench
      Contact NowStainless Steel Heavy-duty WorkbenchThe Recommended Configuration Workbenches 1530×800×880Read More
    • Steel Cylinder Cabinet
      Contact NowSteel Cylinder CabinetDuring experiments, the use of different types of gases, such as methane, acetylene, gas, hydrogen, oxygen, inert gas, etc, requires gas cabinets for reserve.Read More
    • Steel Laboratory Bench
      Contact NowSteel Laboratory BenchAfter filling bed CNC precision CNC punching, CNC bending imports, gas welding, polishing and other processing molding, then after seven acid phosphate treatment processes, chemical rust treatment, acid corrosion, The surface temperature after epoxy resin powder, bearing performance and long...Read More
    • Steel ESD Storge
      Contact NowSteel ESD StorgeThe ESD shelving provided by Pousto will help you maximize your storage potential and easy management along with the operation for the purpose of keeping everything running smoothly with the utilization of the best material. We have many dimensions and welcome customize.Read More
    • Steel Heavy-duty Workbench
      Contact NowSteel Heavy-duty WorkbenchHF-duty Workbench Frame with Single Cabinet H Series 1500×750 Steel Worksurface with coated zinc steel 1.5mm 1530×750×50 Upright module 2M750×996 Standard light/balancer rail 2M750 2014 styles Raster structure light 2×36W (840 white cold colour) Back Panel with punching holes M750×390 ESD (grey)...Read More
    • Stainless Steel Trolley
      Contact NowStainless Steel TrolleyCarbon steel stainless steel cart / stainless steel frame, wire mesh panels, steel columns and anti-static nylon wheels made of mesh panels at the corners cylinder fitted with adjustment clip and adjust the groove, light and flexible, every one inch recessed steel columns ditch circle and take...Read More
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